Sunday 13 October 2013

Shipping Agencies from UK to Nigeria

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Guide to Transporting Goods Using Shipping Agencies from UK to Nigeria
When sending goods outside the UK using shipping agencies from UK to Nigeria, it is very important that you check details like weight limits, lists of restricted goods, addressing standards and to know the custom forms you might have to use.
Each and every company varies on their delivery services and compensation. You should then to get to know more information about this before choosing any shipping agency to trust your goods to. The amount of coverage is based on the worth or value of the insurance purchased though in most cases, this could vary depending on the type of item being shipped. For instance, valuable items such as mobile phones and other electronic goods are more expensive in terms of coverage compared to canned goods.
On outward international goods, there is also a general guideline that one has to follow. The name of the destination country should always be printed on the last line of the address, preferable in language of the dispatching country or any internationally recognized language and in capital letters. 

There are some prohibited items that for mailing or sending to Nigeria. Your chosen shipping agencies from UK to Nigeria can let you know about this but you can also do a research of these items on the internet so you will have an idea of those items that you should not include in the package. Under any circumstances, the prohibited products that are not allowed in the mail include pork, beef, live or dead birds, cassava, cocoa butter or powder, refined vegetable oils and fats, fruit juice in retail packs, waters, noodles, some medicines, waste pharmaceuticals, sanitary wares, detergents and soaps in retail packs, toothpicks, all types of yarns, textile fabrics, some types of furniture, air pistols, ball point pens, blank invoices, matches, second-hand clothing, toxic waste and all types of weapons.
You should not send any good addressed to a country in which the good is prohibited or unlawful. When the good is restricted, you should comply with the restrictions. The prohibitions and restrictions vary from one country to another and can apply sometimes to items that you think are ordinary. However, changes and specific restrictions can be enforced at a short notice therefore you need to contact the shipping agencies from UK to Nigeria about it.
If it is your first time to ship goods outside of UK to Nigeria, it is important to investigate and exert extra caution about the shipping agency that you can choose to entrust your valuables with. Because these agencies are not the same, you should take the time in comparing their services, insurance coverage and the overall costs.

With proper guidance and good amount of research, you will be on your way to finding the best shipping agencies from UK to Nigeria and you can be sure that your goods will reach their eventual destination in a safe way. Choose an agency that has proven reputation and good standing in the industry for delivering goods to Nigeria.

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