Thursday 17 January 2013

Freight to Nigeria- What you should Know

Do you have a freight to send  to lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt or anywhere in Nigeria, call our direct line , which 07939599370, we will sure deliver.
With the above said, please read the piece below for your own good, especially if you're not sure of what and what you need to know about sending item by air freight to Nigeria.

Below are useful tips  on air freight to Nigeria.

Make sure you know the weight of the air freight you're sending to Nigeria through air freight.

A quick glance on any air freight company to Nigeria is equally important. Many people would ask cargo agents to pick up their consignments without even knowing how these companies operate.

Track your item. Some freight companies  do have online tracking system on their website. If they don't use this technology, they should be sending you real time update on each stages of your consignment may be through text message or email messages.

Beware of air freight to Nigeria prohibited items. It is very important to be aware of  some restriction on some items that should go on cargo plane. For example, some liquid, cream, chemicals, medications, musical instruments etc are not allowed on plane, so you need to take note of what and what these items are. You can read more here on those items.Read More Here

How long will take your consignment to reach their destination if you're using air freight to Nigeria. 

Estimated delivery time for freight sent to Nigeria varies with freight companies. Any good cargo company should be able to deliver freight to Lagos within 7 days. Freight to other part of Nigeria may be depending on host of factors. This includes local delivery time. Method of delivery, Content! alcohol for example, is a bit of a pain to move to northern  part of Nigeria. Geographical locations in terms of where your consignment is going to  is also an issue to clarify with your air freight agent. Is your consignment going to suburb in Nigeria which has no traceable address? Even the big freight companies such as DHL, FedEX and UPS occasional have issue with locating some addresses in Nigeria. So you want to give a forethought before you commit yourself.

Weight issue. You will need to be aware of your item weight and dimension. Two items could weigh the same kilogram wise yet one of those item could cost more to transport to Nigeria through air freight. For example, a 32 inc Tv  which weighs 8kg could cost you up to £150 to freight to Nigeria. Equally a 14 inches laptop could cost up to £40 to cargo to Nigeria.To take these type of item to Nigeria by air freight, cargo companies or airline would check the weight in Volumes as supposed kilogram, so you should be aware of this before making the decision to buy such item here in the Uk. You could be better off buy from Nigeria, as  long as they're quality.

Transporting Liquid By Air Freight To Nigeria

Liquid up to certain amount is not permitted on air freight carrier. Our company operate weekly air freight service to Nigeria, our customers should note that we do not accept liquid, not even 2 oz of liquid.

Do you have medicine that you would like to send to Nigeria by air freight? Now with medication, you have to state and be able to proof that such medicine falls under essential medication or commercial medication.

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