Friday 4 January 2013

Air Freight Services to Nigeria Promotes Fast Shipping of Important Goods

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If you want your packages, letters, automobile parts, electronic equipment, clothings and other any other goods to reach Nigeria in less time, air freight services to Nigeria is the best option. Since this is the fastest way for your goods to reach Nigeria, you ought to know that this would incur a higher price as compared to shipping methods. Before acquiring the services of a reliable air shipping company you have to be prepared with the following details: prohibited items, proper documentation and clearing process. In that way, you are governed with the right rules and regulations before sending some good to Nigeria. 

There are important factors you need to note when acquiring air freight services to Nigeria.

1. Air shipment costing is dependent on the actual weight of the package and the place of origin. To be more accurate, packages sent to Nigeria through air freight are checked through the following: origin and specific destination, weight of each piece, dimensions such as height, length and width and the total number of pieces. If you are sending more than one pieces of envelopes or boxes, you must be ready with all the details mentioned so as to facilitate a faster method of air shipping.
2. When it comes to rates on air shipment, the usual range falls between £5 to £30 per kilo. This depends on the shipping company you choose.
3. Air freight services to Nigeria require important documentation. The most common documents required are commercial invoice and a declaration of not sending any prohibited item to Nigeria.
In order for you to know what items are prohibited for air shipping, you can check a complete list from the Nigeria customs over the internet. Some of these in include:
·         perishable food
·         dangerous goods
·         weapons and firearms
4. Air freight goods entering Nigeria will not reach the recipient unless these have passed through clearing by the Nigerian customs. The Nigerian customs is the only authorized personnel that take charge of all importation to Nigeria. Part of the clearing process is the payment of VAT and other duties handled by the air freight company. Hence, all these are part of the total costing of the air freight.
5. Choose a quality and reliable air freight service provider. It is best to acquire the services of a reputable air freight service company such as who has been existent in the industry for a number of years. Being long in the industry means that they have been serving customers for quite some time and that every package of goods sent to Nigeria is in handled with safety and security.
In a nutshell, urgent goods or packages that need to be delivered to Nigeria in the fastest time can be done through air shipping. The expense is higher but the delivery time is shorter. Air shipping is the best method for emergency delivery situations. By making a good research over the internet you can find the best air freight services to Nigeria with the most affordable rates. 

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