Sunday 10 February 2013

Freight to Nigeria-Cheap Options

Freight to Nigeria Notice Board

Call 07939599370 Or 07947475593 for our cheap freight to Nigeria rate.This is our direct line Telephone number, feel free to ring us when  you need to cargo your item to Nigeria.

Freight to Nigeria, how you can explore the cheap option with Cargonaija
 When you're ready to send your item to Nigeria through air freight, there is adequate need for the issue of pricing, security and time of arrival of the consignment to the consignee. Any reliable freight company who is in the business of assisting people  to send their items to Nigeria should consider these options below.

1) Price, especially  your competitor's pricing system can have a huge impact on you as a Freight agents. People in  Nigeria  or other parts of the UK react sensitively to  as slight  difference  in prices.

How Pricing Issue Affects You As Customer When Sending Freight to Nigeria:

Most people  who requires to freight their item to Nigeria are probably doing this for the first time. They are out of their own making buying stuff, you know that feelings of being in a buying  frenzies when you're going on holiday? Those buy 4 and get the fifth  one free kind of a thing. You want to shop until you drop especially if you have a bit of  cash to play around with... While the quest for buying stuff is what seems to be every human syndrome, you should always consider on one hand how to freight the stuff you're buying especially if it has to do with a country like Nigeria where customs rules is very strict. If you think you can freight just about anything to Nigeria, you better think twice.

Anyways, before you buy more than you can handle or more than you can have the capabilities to freight to Nigeria, always know before hand whether you need to pay for excess luggage or excess baggage as it is called, Or whether you will  pay for freight companies like "Cargonaija" to send your items for you. Every airline have their baggage allowance. You can click here to know what different airlines baggage allowance are. I believe this will be a sort of a road map for you .

Issue of Security on Freight to Nigeria

Looking at security issues on freight to Nigeria from both freight companies and from customers perspective:

Customer wanting to freight  cargo to Nigeria  wants the best price plus a top notch service delivery from a freight company .While On the other hand, FREIGHT COMPANIES wants as many customers as possible so as to maximize profit at  the very least. These two premise are both conflicting in that when freight or cargo service from  company is too cheap then if it is too good to be true then it is probably not true. On the contrary, freight companies in the UK should be aware of overseas payment.   The rule of thumb is that you should make your customers pay for any freight you help them send to NIGERIA and also don't be so daft and make customers pay for the item you freight to Nigeria  for them after they have received their goods. If this is practice you allow to happen in your freight service company, then you better off not going into business of freight to Nigeria.

This is a blog written and maintained by cargonaija. We are UK number one freight company to Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, South Africa and the rest of other African countries. You call us on 07939599379 or 07947475593 if you have freight to send to Nigeria and the rest of Africa.


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  2. I am appreciate by Freight Guru's comment. While On the other hand, FREIGHT COMPANIES wants as many customers as possible so as to maximize profit at the very least.