Sunday 17 February 2013

Cheap Cargo to Nigeria- An Alternative to Shipping Cost

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Reduce Shipping Cost with Cheap Cargo to Nigeria

If you want minimize your overhead cost most especially with your shipping charges, you can go for cheap cargo to Nigeria by hiring a dependable all around freight forwarder. With a good cargo forwarder, you can eliminate separate shipment charges. With a responsible cargo management team, you can even remove the middle deliveries between you and your supplier and send it directly to your end consumers. The removal of middle shipping speeds up your delivery time which is good for both you and the customer. With fast deliveries of your cheap cargo to Nigeria, you will have better control of your business.

If you need to ship an urgent batch of supplies, your cargo forwarder should be able to arrange expedited shipping that is separate from the usual set of deliveries. They should be able to communicate with you directly on the progress of each shipment, and provide you accurate on-hand stock status. They can also act based on your specific instructions.
Look for a cargo mover such as cargonaija that offers multimodal shipping services to Nigeria. Cargonaija is  able to accommodate full or part loads, personal effects, commercial cargo, and other items except those considered as dangerous cargo. cargonaija  can provide cheap cargo to Nigeria at negotiated prices.
 Cargonaija offer premium and standard shipping services to any parts of the globe including airports and seaports in Nigeria. They also offer door to door services if your customer requires a more personal type of delivery service. Cargonaija provide a wide range of regular and non-standard transport options for out of gauge cargo and other items. For urgent shipping matters, our own  dedicated fleet of various vehicles to facilitate your deliveries. Aside form regular shipping, we can also offer courier and freight services. We can assist you on the other ends of your cargo including packing, storage, crating, securing of cargo insurance, and even import and export documentation. 

 Cargonaija Your Import and Export Door to Door Cargo Partner in The UK

For export to or import form Nigeria, all you need to do is call cargonaija and request for a quotation. If you intend to regularly ship to Nigeria, you can discuss a long term costing for your cargo. Here are some of the major ports in Nigeria covered by cargonaija: Port Harcourt, Lagos, Kano, Apapa, and Abuja. Whether you need to ship a small package, a pallet of goods, or even tons of goods in containers, cargonaija can provide you with competitive costs using any major shipping lines or airlines. 

For your next door to door cargo to Lagos, Abuja or anywhere in Nigeria, call cargonaija on 07939599370  Or 07947475593 . Email us on :


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    They also offer door to door services if your customer requires a more personal type of delivery service.

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