Friday 10 May 2013

Air Cargo and Shipping to Nigeria

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Air Cargo and Shipping to Nigeria Which is Better?

Cargo or Sea Freight to Nigeria which is the better? This is a popular question people often ask us when they want to  send their stuff to Nigeria. As an experienced freight practitioner I said to myself it is a good idea that I write this article.

Air cargo as it implies, it's when items are sent from one destination to another by an air carrier while shipping is the former but through the sea by a common carrier called ship.

Host of factors needed to be considered by anyone who is considering sending their item to Nigeria.
These factors includes:

1) How much it will cost to Send item to Nigeria by Air freight or By Sea Freight

Pricing and cost needed to be looked into before deciding on which way to go. The cost of sending item to Nigeria by air freight is unarguably higher than sending item to Nigeria by sea. Although the time of arrival of  sending item to Nigeria through air freight is quicker when compared to shipping such item.

2) Time of Arrival to Nigeria

I am stinky fed up even to the back of my teeth whenever i read or hear about some freight companies  promising to deliver items to Nigeria in X amount of days and they don't .
For reputation sake, how could a company lie to their customer in the name of getting business? One thing I strongly oppose to, is to tell any customer of cargonaija that their item will arrive on time while I knew it wasn't going to be so.

As time is very crucial to anyone including businesses alike. When time is of necessity to you, you are better off sending your item to Nigeria through air freight. Why air freight when time is of importance? As a business you need to send items to your customer as quick as possible then air freight is the route you want to go. If your item is of large volume you then want to consider sea freight. When I say volume, I don't mean items of about 100 to 500 kilos. I am talking in of item of about 1tonnage or more..

Most customers are of the believe that when they have items of about 200kg then the best way to send the item to Nigeria is by sea freight. I tell you what? That is an absolute dreadful decision to make. Let me quickly explain this. When you give some  item of small quantity to a shipping freight agent, all they do is to keep those item in their warehouse, they will then source for other shipping companies with similar load size; say about ten or more shipping companies in the same request category, they then put their stuff together and load them in a ship, this is called (Groupage). This could take months to complete, that is why you hear of items taking two or three months or longer to get to their destination through sea freight.

 On the contrary, with air freight, averagely, cargo  airlines plying to and fro from United Kingdom deliver item to their destinations within 48 hours as suppose to shipping which takes longer.

I believe I have explained this in clear terms. If you are going to be sending item less than 1000kg to Nigeria and if quick time of arrival of those item is essential to you, then your best option is to look into air cargo . But if the item you're going to be sending is not urgent in nature and such item are of high volume or weight your best option is to go for sea freight.

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