Sunday 10 November 2013

Shipping to Nigeria For Christmas-----What You Shoud Know

Important Notice:  We have now started collecting shipping to Nigeria for Christmas, you can now bring your item or let us know if you will like us to come and collect from your door.

Tips on shipping stuff to Nigeria for Christmas! 

 # Make Sure You Send The Item to Be Shipped to Nigeria one month prior to Christmas .When shipping agents loose their head and think " Hey why not lets take on plenty of customers items, afterall they can't do us nothing if we don't get their stuff to Nigeria before Christmas" But the point missed here is the fact that the concept of good customer service ethics has been forgone, period! With that said, at times shipping or freight agent put in so much effort to get things right, get their customers items as quickly as possible  from point A to B..... But, but in the Nigeria context of doing things, Jaw dropping of immerse magnitude often occur such that would make you wonder Why? How? and what? always happen. How do you explain this " Dont worry OGA meaning (Boss) We will deliver today" Then you as a shipping agent who exported the item from the UK took on your Nigerian representative words for it. You went ahead and assured your customer that their goods will be delivered (TODAY) as your representative or agent in Nigeria had said. Your customer who send the goods waited all day, even had to get that day off work hoping their item will be delivered as promised but it never happened. Your customers who was left disappointed would then Begin to have a serious go at you. Typically customers would email you all sorts of nasty emails, such as You call yourself UK number one shipping or cargo agent to Nigeria yet your customer services is crap!! Some could go as far as saying I am dissapointed in your poor rated service. When you came to collect my stuff you sounded a very nice shipping company Blah blah blah, now you've turned out to be a sheep in a wolf's clothing! Oh dear, what a business calamity. As you would want to protect your business reputation, you rang the agent from hell who had failed your customer in the aspect of delivery, he didn't pick up his phone due to the fear of been told off. You're now at the mercy of reassuring the customers that things will be okay, imagine having about thirty customers you've to deal with on that particular shipping or cargo slot? As soon as things became sorted you now became a Happy Bonny.

# Sensible people do not leave things to the very last minutes during Christmas period.

 Don't be caught out in the Christmas rush, get your things sent as early as you could possibly do. Don't leave it for too late, hence your Nigeria consignee could get their items 13th of January  as supposed December the 13th. What sense is in Christmas tree shipped to Nigeria getting to the owner by 3rd of January.

# If you couldn't  Ship by the 15th of November Then  Such Item is not Gone Till December

 This phrase may not seem sensible but it has a huge meaning in it. Cargonaija for example will stop taking any shipping order aimed for Christmas delivery to Lagos from the 15th of November. All items collected after that date is not guaranteed delivery in Nigeria for Christmas.However, we guarantee delivery of item before Christmas up till the 13th of December for all air freight item to Nigeria. . We can only promise to deliver what we are capable of delivery.

 # Make Sure Items to be Shipped to Nigeria for Christmas are not of Vague Nature.

 We cannot stressed this enough that not all item can be shipped to Nigeria. Season does not even count in some circumstances. Meat, Live animals, NAFDAC RESTRICTED ITEM etc, is a No Go area during Christmas period in Nigeria. While complete embargo is not placed on all NAFDAC items in Nigeria. However, the customs services in Nigeria is more sensitive and their reaction can be very unwelcoming when you ship restricted item in a commercial quantity. So know what you're shipping, ignorance is not a permissible excuse at law. Read more here on Nigerian Customs Restricted items  If you're  in doubt, please do ask questions.

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