Sunday 17 November 2013

How to Ship Products you Buy from UK to Nigeria

Scared of Shipping from the UK to Nigeria? cargonaija is capable and will deliever to anywhere you like! ------on one condition though,The Fear Factor You Need to Beat Flat!! Read on! The fear of falling into the wrong shipper's hand has actually killed the entrepreneurial spirit in some people who are willing to shop for imported goods from the UK to sell in Nigeria. Couple of years ago One of our first time customer who is now one of our numerous loyal customer as she now ship regularly with cargonaija was asked a question as to why people are always scared of giving their goods to a shipper or cargo company they found online? Her ouright response to that question was "FEAR" She said what if the company ran away with your items? How do you trace them, etc? To be honest, the answer anyone would give to this question won't be different. But in this 21st century one cannot continue to live on the notion that every cargo or shipping companies helping people to ship stuff to Nigeria from the UK are (419) as my beloved people from my country would say.I always say to any skepikal potential customer making enquiry about our cargo/Shipping service to Nigeria for the first time, that he or she only need to use cargonaija once afterwards they will become our customer for life.... And so far so good, and to the glory of God it has always been like that. Why do you want to travel tens of thousand miles from Nigeria to shop for very few items in the UK? Obviously,Time and money resources is wasted in the process. Instead, you should do your homework properly. Ask family, friends and relatives if they have any shipper with good track records in mind. Take your time to ask them further if they have actually used the service of such shipping company themselves. If you are not convinced just go online and do your search yourself. Nowadays you could find virtually anything you are looking for using the power of the internet within the click of a mouse.... Thanks to Google and other search engines! Now that you have chosen your Shipper, What next? You may well had thought that this shipping company you've chosen will deliever on their promises in the aspect of smooth and efficient delivery in Nigeria, you would be shock at times that some shipping companies only just have that shinning website, fortified with all kind of Mumbo Jumbo tracking technogy but service performance is up to no scratch. Having Tracking, four phone numbers, limitless past customers reviews etc, does not neccesarily means that that company is the best choice to help you send good you buy from the UK to Nigeria. Cargonaija has mobile phone numbers and contact emails as a means of communication between us and our customers. The reason for this is to serve our customers round the clock. Our customers can reach us at both sociable as well as unsociable hours on any of our mobile phones. Stick With That Shipper While the devil you've known is better than that newly met angel of yours. Things may seem as though your shipper hasn't been performing optimally, but host of factors could attribute to the poor performace. No business or corporation is happy to lose any of their customers. Understanding and looking at things from differnt angles is vital between a customer and a shipper. If the reason for sudden shift in a shipper's performance is a slight delay in getting your good delivered to Nigeria., then this is not an enough reason to change your shipping agent. However if any shipper performance is hindered by a combition of poor delivery, lack of customer service ethics and issues such as missing consignments without adequate compensation in place etc are the peculiarities then you need to change your shipper to a better one in other for you to remain in business. (c)Ola cargonaija

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