Monday 14 July 2014

Cargo Clearing Agents in Nigeria Strike Update

Are clearing agents in Nigeria actually on strike this July 2014? Most customers who sent their stuff through us hardly believe this. Some customers are even threatening to sue us for breach of contract as their goods could not be delivered on the agreed date.  The fact that this strike was initiated by the clearing agents made it not to hit the headlines of most news tabloid in Nigeria, shame! Why this? the answer is simply because this clearing agents guys are average Joe's who are striving for a means of  earning a livelihood in the so called Nigerian economic jungle. If it were to be the Custom boss who shut down the Nacho or Sahcol warehouse, like they did in September 2013  the news would be all over the country.

We gathered from  the clearing agents that the reason why they decided to embark on  a strike action was because their voice was never heard over scores of issues. They lamented that customs and Nacho are always increasing clearing duties without proper consultation. They have done so in the previous years and they are embarking on yet another duties hike. They wouldn't revolt  over all these duties hike if there are justifiable ground to do so. If this incessant duties increase had benefited them in  any way in their business they would welcome it they yelled.

We are appealing on behalf of all the stakeholders, the  poor clearing agents with families to Cather for  and of course the worst affected," Customers". It is high time we all have to strive towards smooth running of the cargo business in Nigeria. Most customers who choose to send their goods or their relative belonging by means of air freight do this due to the urgency attached to those stuff , and if these items which are meant to be delivered within five days took three weeks to arrive in Nigeria then the purpose of sending such items are defeated.

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