Saturday 31 May 2014

Why You Should Trust Us

This might sound bias and utterly unpleasant but I am only expressing an opinion here. Can anyone explain to me why our own (naija) Nigerian people hardly trust each other, even if they have every reason to trust you? But before anyone nail me to the cross on this statement please let me quickly clarify something.

I am a shipping agent that deals with helping people send their goods to Nigeria from the UK. In my extensive experience in this business, I have come across scores of customers, in fact in its hundred.  Customers who express disbelief and doubts at the very minute they call you up about cargo inquiries. I could tell right from the outset that they had a thought you could run away with their goods. Some would say it to your face that you're most likely to be a 419!  And what happen afterwards? Those skeptic thoughts vanished the very moment their goods arrived safely. Please this is not a disrespect to anyone, it's just the way life is.

Another Difficult Aspect of this Cargo Business

As part of my company's service, we extend our service to most parts of the UK towns and cities. We do have Nigerians living  in Milton Keynes, Birmingham, Manchester, Coventry and other UK towns. The very moment you tell  some of these customers that we are cargo company operating from London but our service is nationwide.Then  the next question then would be, Hey, do you have an office in Milton Keynes or Manchester etc? Serious doubt would begin from then on. If you're lucky to pass through that phase, the next question is "How do I know the weight of my stuff if someone other than you come to collect my goods and not come to me with a measuring scale"?  Not to long ago, a first time customer from Liverpool gave us his goods. We checked the weight of the goods when it got to our warehouse in  London. We then sent him an email of how much hir Seven bags weighed. Hell was let loose with that customer and I that day. He went " I already checked the weight of my goods, it weighed 106kg, how dare you telling me your own F***King industrial scale weighed 175kg"?. I literally  went Gaga to hear all the verbal missile thrown at me by that customer. But at the end of the day, he is a customer anyway!

.............And guessed who was right and who was wrong?  Have a look at the picture below and see how I usually handle issues like this one.

I  do understand the customer's point of view though. It's a common ground for freight agents to reap of their customers but I can say this with total confidence I the owner of Cargonaija and as a child of God take it or leave it I will rather be on the dole than rip off my customers.

You are reading my blog, please if you're in need of a reliable and trust worthy shipping agent to help you send your goods to Nigeria from the UK, we are the go to Guys

Thanks for taking your time to read this...... God bless you.


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