Sunday 16 December 2012

Cargo to Nigeria Lies Exposed!

Cargo to Nigeria Hidden Lies Exposed!

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Cargo to Nigeria
All our blog readers know one thing for sure. That we are always giving them tips and tricks that surround moving cargo to Nigeria. The benefit our readers get is not just grabbing our ongoing discounts on our main site, but we also sensitize them on ways they can beat all the dubious cargo to Nigeria cheats out there at their own games.  

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As a stakeholder in the cargo to Nigeria business, I always find out and follow any trend that has anything to do with this line of business. See what I have discovered yet again. What Ola? Yes I will say my mind regardless of what comes out of this. The big cargo to Nigeria companies here in the UK that people are used to, have now gone crazy. The names of these cargo to Nigeria companies I will not mention for reputation sake. But some of them you're already familiar with. Some of these cargo to Nigeria UK companies saying that they're have been in operation for "X" amount of years, well, you know what I mean.

Anyway let me hint you about cargo lies I have been blabbing about. We all believe that door to door cargo to Nigeria or air freight cargo to Nigeria should mean what it says. By definition of the context, it's not sea freight or cargo shipment to Nigeria. What some of these cargo to Nigeria companies do is to collect people consignments on the ground that these items will arrive at their respective destination in five to seven working  days. What happens instead? These consignments will then be collected and kept in these cargo companies warehouse for weeks until they're large enough in quantity to be shipped through sea freight.

Disappointing Aspect of  Cargo to Nigeria

Maybe consignments or personal effect which is meant to reach your customer within seven days time interval and in return your customer or sales agent in Nigeria sell those items; send you the money and you put back the money back into your business, a true description of a flourishing business. As supposed these cargo to Nigeria companies greed of killing your business and enriching themselves.

Why do cargo to Nigeria companies send air freight cargo as sea freight cargo?

 You may be wondering why? It's simply to escalate their own profit. Usually, air freight cargo to Nigeria cost cargo agents  between £2.80 to £2.90 and they charge their customer between £3.50 to £3.80 and at least make a profit of about 50p per each kilogram of item sent after deducting other expenses. To make more profit, these cargo to Nigeria companies will then send consignments through sea freights which would then leave them with about £2.00 profit margin per each kilogram of item sent. Clever is it? But your consignments could then take couple of weeks if not months to get to Nigeria.

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