Saturday 1 December 2012

Door to door cargo to Lagos

How to Choose the Best Door to door cargo to Lagos company

After investing so much money on your personal effect, then choosing the best door to door cargo company to help you send your item to Lagos shouldn't be a dauting task for you. Although with the huge crowd of door to door cargo to Lagos company you see in every corner of your towns and city could even be misleading . If proper care and attention is not in place, you may end up choosing the wrong door to door cargo company to Lagos.

What You Should Do Before Using The Service of a Door to door Cargo company to Lagos

1) Find out if the door to door cargo company have an established office or base. Base in the sense that most door to door cargo to Lagos company are just small businesses, they may not have the financial resources to rent an office space especially if they're just starting out. However, it's a common place for any business regardless of whether they're old or new to have where they're based. So if any door to door cargo to Lagos company have no traceable address on their website or business card, then you may want to think twice.

2) Consider whether such door to door cargo to Lagos comapany is registered in England and Wales if they're based in the United Kingdom. Any door to door cargo Lagos company that is not registered is more likely to scam people.

3) What is the Door to door cargo to Lagos comapany Terms and conditions. Some of the fundamental questions you may want to find out in their terms and condition are whether your personal effects to be cargo to Lagos are insured? Or whether there are other charges aside the rate you're paying.

4) Delievery of your Consignment. The time of your consignment delivery is very important. When a door to door cargo to Lagos company promised to deliver your personal effect within seven days, then this should be so. Why should a cargo company promise seven days maximum delivery time to Lagos; then suddenly seven days becomes  seven weeks?

5) Packaging- Many people who send personal effect through door to door to Lagos or any part of Nigeria are less likely to put their stuff in a boxed carton. The reason behind this is simply because people are always reluctant to pay for administration fee when asked to do so by a door to door cargo to Lagos company. What most people don't know is that these cargo companies buy boxes out of the money they charge as admin fee. When consignements are not packed in a box, such consignments are most likely to get damaged or  got stolen in transit easily.

Does Third Party Recommendation Matters When Door to Door  Cargo To Lagos  Nigeria is Needed?

Experiece is the best teacher as the saying goes. Although every business are fond of affirming the phrase " Trial will convince you"  The buttom line is who wants to be the sacred cow when things go the wrong way? Obviously no one. When a door to door cargo to Lagos company has been tried and trusted by someone you know or a friend knows, then that kind of allieviate the risk of being scamed by door to door cargo to Lagos scams that full everywhere.

We believe these few lines of words would be a simple yardstick or at least gives an insight for anyone who wants to send their personal effect to Lagos through door to door cargo.

My name is Ola  I'm the CEO of a reputable cargo company called, the company is a logistics and air freight company based in the heart of London, United Kindgom. To know more about our services visit our website by clicking here. Thanks for visiting.

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