Wednesday 28 November 2012

Cargo Freight services to Nigeria

Air cargo or Sea freight. Which one is more economical when sending items to Nigeria? This is an important decision which anyone cannot afford to get wrong especially if international export/Import is a business you're considering entering into.
Two things come into play here:

1) The quantity and volume of the items you will be exporting to Nigeria

2) The nature of the item you are exporting to Nigeria

By quantity and volume, this doesn't necessarily mean the weight of the  consignment you're sending in Kilogram weight per say. For example one flat screen television set weighing just 40KG may cost £150 to export through air freight cargo while items of clothing weighing the same weights could be £15 to £20 lesser in terms of price. The price difference could add up to huge amount of money especially where large quantity of consignments is involved.

The nature of the item to be exported to Nigeria also plays a significant role on the part of the shipper. While the risk element inherent in liquid item is high considering different legislation in place in regards to transporting liquid substance.  Transporter would then have to consider customs procedures in Lagos, Abuja or destination of the substance. Read  more Wikepedia

Aside these two factors mentioned above, documentation is another serious element that needs adequate attention. Anyhow, regardless of whichever cargo freight services or logistics company to Nigeria  in the United Kingdom you're sending your consignment with, they require you to have proper  documentation on the item.

For argument sake air or cargo freight method is not ideal for exporting liquid items or cars to Nigeria. You may to want consider sea freight service company with good track record when transporting liquid.

When items anyone is sending to Nigeria is of low volume then Air or cargo freight services is the route to go. The solid argument for this is simply due to the shipper enjoying fast delivery of their consignment with everything being equal.

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