Monday 10 February 2014

Door to door service and Air Freight

Buisnesses today have seen a dramatic swift in the ways things are being done when compared to the slow pace at which goods and services are delivered in the  18th century. Thanks to the idea of door to door freight service industry. Businesses can now carry out transaction wherever they are around the globe. Whether in Nigeria or United Kingdom goods can be delievered by a freight company straight to the door.

Cost of Door to Door: As with the conveniece that comes with it, any client or company who wants goods delivered straight to their dormain should be ready to bear the cost associated with it.
The freight company would then have to consider some variables that will make the process of door delivey at ease at the same time not putting the quest for profit at  a bay. However, the time expectation in getting those goods deliver to customers door could be a thing of a challenge, especailly when the goods final destination is not easily accessible. Delivery process is often a difficult procedure given that customers are always in the wait. Ideally the entire process should be quick but certain hiccups do possibly occur in this areas of delivery.

Why Most Freight Companies Say No to Door-to Door  Freight Delivery:

Most service request for air freight are done on airport to airport basis by  freight forwaders who felt that they will deliver their customers goods in timely fashion when they offer airport to airport freight servces as suppose to offering door to door services. Simply put, an individual freight  forwarding company can provide a service to anywhere in Asia, Africa, America or even in the middle East if they they don't  have to deliver to door. The only drag then would be  the amount of incovenience that would be associated with this level of service on the customer part and huge reduction on the company profitability. 

Market Force: Any freight company providing an extra service of  bringing goods straight to their customers door will flourish more, no doubt! Such company will gain more of referral sales. People want covenience plus busy and the hectic lifestyle we all run make us opt for companies with more service input. This extra service provision will obviously bring about some level of  growth and sustainabilty as more and more customers with stay longer most especially with that  companies who know their stuff. 

Recepient Expectations: Most consignee attach huge values to goods deliver to their door. Imagine a strange knock on the door  and suddenly you reach for that door and Voila then appeared a delivery company handing over a huge box of gift sent from oversea by your sibling or your son? The value added to such gift is priceless as compared to those gift which are already anticipated.        

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