Wednesday 12 February 2014

How to Spot a Good and Bad Shipping Companies

Looking for a good shipper shoudn't  be a tasking process. Somehow in life we have all had to believe that a good service is determine by how much we pay for it.  Not necessarily in my opinion.  Paying a colossal  amount of money to a shipping agent or company is  not a guarantee that such company will deliver an excellent service. In fact some starter shipping companies actually provide a great service than some companies that have been around for years. The reason  for this is not difficult to know. Number one reason is that there's level of efficiency displayed by new entrant because those companies want their own fair share in that market they're competing for.
Also there's a likelihood that the owner of such shipping company would actively involve in all aspects of the business from dealing with customers queries to have some face-to-face interaction with their customers.

Good Shipping Agent: Any good company providing a shipping services should have the trust factor. Integrity should be the foundation in which a shipping business should be formed. Large and industrial machinery, Commercial cargo, and other bulky goods weight or volumes need not be escalated by a good shipping company. Many times there are conflicts of interest between some good shipping agents and their clients. When goods shipped take longer than expected to reach the port, this could be caused by series of things ranging from severe whether or  persistent tide, security issues or all sorts of things, this stuff the freight agents are not in control of , it would not even come near those excuses given by shippers when their customers goods are delayed. At the same time  such occurrence could bring about a delay in getting things delivered.

Destination of Goods: The country of  goods destination  do matter . Every week   Goods are shipped from UK to over  two hundred countries. London alone has a  busy  seaport with vessels leaving and coming in every day. Obviously these ship carries on them cars, trucks and other cargoes going to Nigeria, Ghana,  and other countries of the world. The customs in those countries operate differently from UK customs . Undue delays resulting from some unscrupulous activities by those countries customs could affect smooth clearing of goods  thereby making a freight or shipping agents providing shipping services to those areas tagged as being Bad!

Bad Shipping Agent : Bad Shipping agent are everywhere around us, those who store up customers goods and never get to ship them, thereby giving excuses listed earlier above. They  draw customer in with a cheap shipping offers and then when goods are already on sea, they demand more and more money from the customer. Another thing they do is to tell innocent customers to bring in their good, they never give a hint that some items are contraband in some selected countries, they only want people money, they do't care whether those goods are seize or not.

We implore anyone reading this article to do a thorough search before committing your item to a shipping agent. Find out if a particular item is a contra band before you hand it over to a shipper.  Other important question to ask is the landing cost of shipping the goods. I.e , shipping plus clearing cost and other associated cost.

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