Tuesday 6 May 2014

Cargonaija is the real thing!!!

I remembered many years ago when Panadol did an advert in Nigeria when there were  plenty of adulterated panadol in the country. The pharmaceutical company that produce that brand came out with a message about their brand. The theme of the advert went like this " If e no be Panadol, E no fit be like Panadol" . The same holds true of Cargonaija . If e no be Cargonaija, E no go fit Provide cargo services to Nigeria like Cargonaija, Period!

 There are lots and lots of rogue cargo shipping agents here in the UK that have been adopting our methods, that is not bad actually. But what is unethical business practice is the fact one of them even went to the extent of copying our content, in other to take over the mainstream. This company tries to change cargonaija to their name. They said they are Naija something and Cargo. They are doing this in other to confuse our website visitors that they are us.

Please we want to say this to all our customers that we are Cargonaija.com and not Naija Cargo. The difference is clear. The word "Cargo" came first and Naija came next to it. Don't get this mix up.  Be sure of the company you're dealing with. Check with us, make sure we are the company you're dealing with and not some Fly By Night Cargo companies that would bring you a mischief . If you are not sure, please Ring us to find out who we are and what we do.

Thanks for Reading
Cargonaija is the leading cargo and shipping provider to Nigeria from the UK. Our name speak for itself, because we have a total understanding of the business logistics. Visit our website at www.cargonaija.com for your huge discount.


  1. Hi, pls where is your office in Naija and what is the contact number?

  2. We have office in Lagos and Abuja. In Lagos our office is in Oshodi and Surulere. Abuja office is at Utako.