Tuesday 20 November 2012

Beware of Air Cargo Scams

 Door to door cargo to Lagos , Abuja or anywhere in Nigeria as good as it sounds but the fear of many are these:

What if I entrust my consignment, maybe some items that is worth £5000 in monetary value to some bogus cargo companies?

Could this first experience totally convince me to keep using the service of this cargo company?

Or rather I will wait until I get a proper recommendation from a friend or relatives to assist me with my choice of cargo company.

These are the common thought of anyone dealing with an air freight or cargo company for the first time.

To be perfectly honest there are cargo scams on the increase nowadays. We have cargo companies offering to provide door to door cargo to Nigeria for £2.00/KG; some rogue companies could even sweetened the deal by offering next day door to door  cargo delivery to consignee address in Lagos within 24 hours. When you come accross cargo offers like this, then you need to watch out. The truth of the matter is that there's high possibilities of scam looming here! No cargo company will stay in business offering you such incredibly low price lets alone get consignment delivered in that timely fashion.

Why am I writing this article? Simply to sensitize my readers to exercise caution while making choice of door to door cargo companies.

Also to alert my readers of some common door to door cargo scams that are out there.

My name is ola I'm the CEO of cargonaija We are reputable cargo company based here in the UK. We offer  door to door cargo to anywhere in Nigeria. Visit our website today to see how we operate.

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