Thursday 22 November 2012

When Things Go Wrong in Door to Door Cargo to Nigeria

Typical of all business and in life. Nobody is perfect, and we learn from our mistakes. The same holds true of all cargo and freight business. Most especially when consignments are shipped to Nigeria. Government policies, changes in rate, transport networks and all that are forces that could occasionally militate against smooth service delivery on the part of cargo companies.

Essentials  Of a Good Cargo Company

There are circumstances that are beyond the making of most cargo companies sending consignments to Nigeria. When these human elements come into play, it is the responsibility of  any reputable cargo company to display high level of professionalism. Priority must be given to customers interest by their cargo companies. Customers services, Constant communication,  Social interaction and above all honesty.

Customers services - Even though this is the life-line of  any business yet most cargo companies handle this without care and attention. Any  cargo company who give lip service to customer care won't last long. When you give your consignment to a cargo company make sure such company has immpecable customer service.

Constant Communication- How good is the communication policy is a necessity of any cargo company that will be helping you to send your stuff to Nigeria. Does this company T and C detailed enough and pass the message they preach? Are there any reference points in the cargo company T and C should in case things fall apart?

Honesty - This is by far a virtue which most companies are lacking on. This is a global issue, not only in the freight industry alone. When your cargo company assured you that your consignment will reach Lagos in X amount of days, but out of the companies making there's a sort of delay which now make the company not to live up to its promises, the cargo company should then not compromise on the truth by trying to conceal the truth.

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